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For pupils aged 18 months to 3 years, Dean Row School of Dance offers classes using the fun loving Melody Bear syllabus. Classes focus on creative movement and early development using the Early Years Foundation Stage goals, meaning our classes will follow and compliment your little ones learning at their nursery or preschool. Parents stay in the class and encourage their child to join in the fun. 

Each week in our Little Bear Feet class, pupils join Melody Bear and her friend Milligan Bear on adventures to Nursery Rhyme Land using movement, music, song, props and stories to bring the class alive. The class is an early introduction into movement and ballet. 

Our Groovy Moves class follows Melody Bear and Milligan Bear on a fun and magical journey on their exciting, fun bus. In each lesson the bus will stop at different themes and pupils will play games / dance along the way with the use of lively music and props. 

Our Little Bear Feet class and Groovy Moves class can be taken separately or combined. 


Melody Bear

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