Mrs Rosalind Renouf has run her own Theatre dance school since she graduated from London College of Dance and Drama in 1974. Her priority has always been for pupils to have the opportunity to experience and learn from the dance examination situation and enjoy the fun of a bi-annual dance performance. Although still loving to work with all ages and ability levels she now specialises in Pre-associate and Associate work for a new generation of teachers.

Dance Teacher

Rosalind Renouf

Miss Bekki has been a long time member of Dean Row School of Dancing, having undertaken her own dance training there from the age of 3. Bekki studied Ballet, Tap and Modern and achieved her IDTA Associate in Ballet under the tuition of Mrs Renouf. Whilst at University, Bekki continued to study different styles of dance such as Contemporary and Street. Miss Bekki has over 8 years' teaching experience in dance with various institutions. She has also choreographed a number of successful musical theatre productions at local dramatic societies. Last year she was nominated for Best Choreographer by Greater Manchester Drama Federation for her work on the show High School Musical. Miss Bekki has returned to Dean Row School of Dancing after qualifying as a Primary School teacher to co-run the dance school with Mrs Renouf.

Dance Teacher

Rebekah Rivett

Miss Lissie also started her dance training at Dean Row School of Dancing from the age of 3, studying Ballet, Tap and Modern. She achieved her Intermediate performers exam in Ballet before going to University.  Whilst at University Miss Lissie studied Performing Arts, and throughout her time there directed, produced and performed  in a number of shows. Miss Lissie has an MA in Performing Arts from Kings College London and during her Masters Miss Lissie created her own performance work which she has performed in various theatres around the UK, including at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. She has also choreographed musicals for local Youth Theatres. Miss Lissie now teaches our Contemporary classes at Dean Row School of Dancing. 

Dance Teacher

Elisabeth Carlile

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