Ballet is the foundation for many different dance styles. It provides pupils with the opportunity to develop strong technique, posture, core stability, stamina and flexibility. Ballet also helps to develop performance ability, grace and poise. Children at DRSD can start ballet at the age of 3 in our pre-preparatory dance classes alongside Tap. As pupils progress in their dance classes Ballet is then offered as a separate lesson to ensure the time is given to develop the dancers technique and style to a high standard. Pupil's have the option of taking Ballet exams with the IDTA. 

For pupils who are aged 18months to 3years, DRSD uses the Melody Bear programme. 
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Tap is a popular type of dance which helps develop movement, rhythm, coordination and timing. It is a diverse genre, and dance and music types can range from timeless classic musicals to modern styles and can be enjoyed by all. Children at DRSD can start tap at the age of 3 in our pre-preparatory dance classes alongside Ballet, and after this pupils can begin to take optional IDTA exams. 

Theatre Craft


Theatre Craft is a fun and energetic dance style incorporating the different styles associated with show dances. The IDTA syllabus is full to the brim with varied styles such as Musical Theatre, Pantomime and Commercial Dance. Expect to see leaps, kicks, turns and all things musical in these classes. Pupils are introduced to Theatre Craft in their Preparatory/ Primary classes which also consist of Ballet and Tap. Optional IDTA exams can be taken from ages 5 and above 

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