Street / Commercial

Street dancing is becoming increasingly popular. There are many different styles which fall under the umbrella of street such as hip-hop, pop and commercial. These classes are fun, fresh and follow the latest music video trends. We have three different Street classes - Mini Street, Junior Street and Commercial Street to allow all ages from 3 above to enjoy this popular style dance. 

A fantastic introduction to Street for those even younger than 3 would be our Melody Bear Groovy Moves class for ages 2 upwards. Find out more about our Melody Bear preschool dance here.



Contemporary has its origins in Ballet and is a style that has developed to give its dancers more freedom with movement. Pupils taking part in this creative and expressive dance style will develop technique in floorwork, centre routines and travelling sequences. They are fun and energetic classes which encourage children to develop their own style, interpretation and choeographic abilities to a wide variety of rhythms and music. Pupils may start Contemporary classes from 7 upwards and as well as dancing different stylistic routines, follow the NATD syllabus of Contemporary dance to develop strong technique and performance. 

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